Tasty Tweets




Tasty Tweets is a data visualization experiment that uses taste as a way to represent data.


It uses twitter to collect mentions of words describing different flavors such as blueberry, pineapple, apple, or carrot and creates a smoothie representing the blend. The smoothie is created based on the same proportions of flavors collected from the tweets. Because twitter trends change quickly, each smoothie has a unique palette of flavors. Tasty Tweets makes it possible for users to explore current twitter trends through taste.


Data from which the smoothie is created are graphically represented on a computer screen. It shows the most recent tweets and creates a representation of the proportions of flavors in the current smoothie. A historic view of past smoothies allows users to compare trends over time.


To add another dimension to the visualization, Tasty Tweets is constructed in a way that makes it possible to layer the different juices. The layering of the juices results in a visual representation of the proportions of flavors in the smoothie - a graph in a glass. Tasty Tweets is a way to taste and experience twitter in a new way.


Tasty Tweets is the result of a project at CIID together with Kostantinos Frantzis (www.kfrantzis.com) and Kat Zorina (www.katzorina.com).